Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A man was left behind during a family trip in Tennessee

A man was left behind during a family trip in the middle of Tennessee, during the recent interview KRISTV,  he said that the incident is just a huge misunderstanding.

As claimed by the man, there are misunderstanding happens, he and one of his family members are supposed to take turn driving, but after stopping for a gas he then enters the station outlet to get his change, when suddenly his van drove away from him before leaving him behind.

The drive must've taught that he is already in the van after they are done refuelling, thus leaving him behind unintentionally.

He tries to call his family members, before realizing that his Handphone is in the van, also he seek for police help but that doesn't do much for him, he then uses Facebook to track down the van, which is 100 miles  away from where he is.

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