Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Delfino Mora are beaten to death by the Latin King Members

You just dont go around and jumping people just for your own amusement, furthermore record the incident using your cell phone before posting it on Facebook.

This is what happens when a group of teenagers beating a 62 year old man, Delfino Mora, a father to 12 children and a grandfather to 32 grandsons. News reported that Mora died one day after the incident.

The alleged teenager are Nicholas Ayala, 17, and Anthony Malcolm, 18 were charged with the first degree murder goes along with one of their friends who was caught earlier Malik Jones, 16. These 'no-brainer' teenagers called themself the Latin King Members.
During the incident it is said that Mora are on his regular everyday routine, picking up cans to sell when he are approach by these teenager. Jonas pass his cellphone to one of his friends before demanding money and eventually beating the old man to death.

What the hell are those kids thinking? scumbag like them should be walking around the streets freely, they should have been put in a jail as the result of their doings, and let this be lesson to other scumbag out there.

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