Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Subway tells woman to have 'Self-Respect'

A subway operator in the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai has cause uproar by warning women not to wear revealing clothes to avoid being groped by the city's "Perverts".

On its microblogging site, the shanghai No.2 Subway Co posted a picture of a women in a see-through dress and warned:

"If you dress like this on the subway, you will undoubtedly be harrased"
"The subway is full of perverts -- women, have some self-respect".

The warning, posted on June,20 has been forwarded than 15,000 times and elicited nearly 7,000 responses, many expressing outrage and criticising the subway operator for "Sexist" remarks.

"According to this logic, all men can harass women in swimming pools". wrote one citezen.


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