Monday, October 8, 2012

5 Weird toys that will ruin your childhood

Had you ever had your fav toys from your childhood? checkout these few toys that might ruin your childhood if you had  ever bought one of these.

1. Mini Stripper Pole
This is a mini strip dance pole, complete with toys money and what would strip show look like without music right, a music CD is also provided to play along while 'playing stripping' on the pole.

2. Dick shape gold stick
Now children can play golf using a metal dick. Well literally, check out the design, that is seriously disturbing for kids.

3. Peeing child doll
Is this supposed to be cute? i dont think so. 

4. Pee & Poo
The purpose of this toy is to make toilet fun for kids. I dont really see how two dolls representing both urine and feces can help making toilet fun for kids. 

5. Centipade baby doll
Reminds me of the movie human centipede movie, and i will never look any baby dolls the same again.

Samurai Obama
Nothing weird about this, just a cool action figure of Obama holding a samurai. One of those Japanese production. Cool.

So there you go 5 weird toys that will ruin you childhood, never thought of buying my son of of those, that would be seriously wrong.


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