Monday, October 29, 2012

Wang Xuzhong 84 year old man who goes nude for living

An example of a painting class with a live nude model.
We all read about the 84-year-old man in China, Wang Xuzhong, who was disowned by his children because of his part-time job as a nude model.
With his distinguished grey hair, and a rather large pot-belly, I doubt if he will get the young art students excited over his body.
To him, it is simply an honest day's wage for an honest day's work.
According to the report, Wang's wife died 15 years ago, and lost his youngest son in 2007.
His oldest son visits him once a week, bringing clean clothes and some food, while his two daughters see him once a month.
But following the exposure about his job, they do not want to have anything to do with their father anymore.
Wang lives alone on a monthly pension of 800 yuan (RM400).
His new job requires him to hold a pose, naked, for 45 minutes in front of students, for which he is paid 60 to 100 yuan (RM29 to 48) an hour. He earns about 1,400 yuan (RM676) a month.
There are, apparently, many senior citizens in China who have taken up nude modelling, though it is not something they would share with the family.


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