Friday, November 9, 2012

Girl in turkey give birth while walking

A CCTV recording shows a teenage girl from turkey give birth while walking down the streets with her parents, the clip shows that they was walking casually when something falls off her. 

Her parents then briefly stopped to look at what was dropped. After a quick second they start walking away as if nothing happens.

Despite the video was shot at night the dropped baby was barely seen moving. 

The baby was left behind for a couple of minutes, not until a bypasses was curious and he approach the baby which then he realized it is a human being. He then called an authorities to save the poor infant. 

Hurriyet Daily News reported that the teenage allegedly did tell the police that she had given birth to the baby while walking in the street.  But the hospital staff claim that the still-attached umbilical cord attached to the baby was tied, and that is a sign suggesting that the baby was most likely born earlier.
The mother of the baby has reportedly said that ‘Something fell from me. I thought it was a blood clot. I didn’t know it was the baby.’
The baby did survive the ordeal and she was named Ecem Ahu by the hospital staff.


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