Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Olivier Desbarres The Singapore Racist Foreigner : "Chinese f**cking animals"

Olivier Desbarres, a professional trader from the Barclays Fx Strategy in Asia had created a controversial incident when he threw vulgar words and threaten the life of several construction worker in Singapore last month.

A video was posted on the internet showing that Desbarres goes rampage on a construction site, which is due to the loud noise caused by their activities.

At one point he says :
You have no respect. You know what? You’re f**cking animals. Chinese f**cking animals
He is now labelled by the Singaporean as the 'Singapore Foul-Mouth Foreigner'.

The construction has been going on for about 6 month and Desbarress had come to the construction site several times before, shouted and threaten those workers. unfortunately for him, on 20 Oct his action were recorded by one of the worker.

Causing public rage, his employer Barclays Capital sacked him from the company four days after the video had gone viral.

Check out the video below :

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