Tuesday, November 20, 2012

[Video] Girl Got Knocked Out : "ya b*ces start taking to n*ger like ya to fyte!"

A video showing a girl angrily rushed towards a man, as she want to beat the crap out of him, the man is seen backing off as people around them trying to hold the girl back.

Fed up with the girl, the man throw a knock out punch on the girl as the girl was seen lying down with a bleeding mouth.

There are not legit source telling what is actually going on but as the man that records the incident said at the end of the video :
"Damn son! Yo, ya b*ces start taking to n*ger like ya to fyte, bitches began dat wipe rite here
Trust me, I have no idea what does that means. 

But it sounds like the girl is the one who starts the fight and deserve to be knocked out, well yeah it looks like it.

Check out the video below.


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