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10 Devil Children Crime Story

What you are about to read about the heartless act of these young children may be disturbing.

1. Joshua Phillips (Born March 17, 1984)
In 1998, 14-year old Joshua Phillips bludgeoned his 8-year-old neighbor to death and hid her body beneath his bed.

Joshua claimed that he'd accidentally hit Maddie in the eye with his baseball bat causing her to scream. In his panic he dragged her to his home where he hit her again and then stabbed her eleven times.

His story failed to convince a Florida jury, who convicted him of first-degree murder. His mother is still appealing his conviction based upon the fact that he was given an adult penalty for his crime.

2. Jon Venables and Robert Thopmson
Jon Venables and Robert Thompson (both 10 years old) had been stealing things all day at the shopping center, candy, a troll doll, some batteries, a can of blue paint, and other incidentals. 

Why did they decide to steal 2-year-old James Bulger? Was it a plot or a sudden, overwhelming compulsion?

Once they had him, they didn't know what to do with him. They could have easily discarded him, leaving him alone on the sidewalk by a shop where someone would discover they crying infant. But Jon and Robert, like other children's who would rather destroy their own possessions than give them to another, murdered the little boy.

The video cameras at the mall caught several images of James Bulger in the hands of his killers, frozen in time. He was to be taken on a long, aimless walk, cruelty tortured along the way. James was senselessly beaten to death by his ten-year-old captors, who callously abandoned him on the railroad tracks.

3. Mary Bell
Mary Bell was convicted of strangling a young boy, Martin Brown, on May 25, 1986, the day before her 11th birthday. 

She was, as far as anyone knows, alone on this occasion. On july 31, 1968, Mary and her friend (Norma Bell) took part in the death, again by strangulation of 3-year-old Brian Howe.

Police reports concluded that Mary Bell had gone back after killing him to carve an "N" onto his stomach with a razor, this was then changed using the same razor but with a different hand ti an "M".

Mary Bell also used a pair of scissors to cut off bits of Brian Howe's hair and part of his genitals.

The two girls were charged with two counts of manslaughter. Mary was released in 1980 with court ordered anonymity. In 2003, the courts awarded her and her daughter anonymity for her life.

4. Micheal Hernandez
14-year-old Micheal Hernandez was found guilty of first-degree murder for the 2004 killing of his friend and classmate, 14-year-old Jaime Rodrigo Gough in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Hernandez told Gough that he wanted to show him something in the stall of the school bathroom. Once Gough entered the stall, Hernandez stabbed Gough several times and cut his throat. 

5. Classmate Killing
On May 30, 2003, in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, 15-year-old Justine Morley invited Jason Sweeney, 16, out on a date. 

Sweeney, eager to impress his new girlfriend, brought his newly cashed $500 paycheck, which he had earned working in construction with his father.

The teens did not go out to dinner or for a movie, instead, Justin led Jason to an isolated area, where three attacked him.

Edward "Eddie" Batzig, 16, and brothers Dominic Coia, 17, and Nicolas Coia, 16, beat Jason with a hatchet, a hammer, bricks and rocks, until the boy died, Then, they took the $500 he had in his pocket and lift his body behind.

6. Evan Ramsey
On February 19th, 1997, 16-year-old Evan Ramsey committed a school shooting at his high school in Bethel, Alaska, Killing two people and injuring two more. Ramsey, who grew up in foster homes and was reportedly bullied at school, is now serving two 99-year sentences.

7. Jasmine Richardson
The youngest person ever to be convicted of multiple murders in Canada, Jasmine Richardson was 12 when she brutally murdered her parents and younger brother in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

After the bodies were discovered on April 23rd, 2006, police feared Jasmine could also be as victim. However, she was later found alive with her 23-year-old boyfriend Jeremy Allen Steinke, who, like jasmine, had an interest in goth culture, monsters and vampires, was also charged with the murders.

On July 9, 2007, Jasmine was convicted on three counts of first-degree murder. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison, the maximum penalty for a child under fourteen under the Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act.

8. The King Brothers
On Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2001, two Florida brothers, Alex King, 12, and Derek King, 13, bludgeoned their father, Terry King, to death with a baseball bat while he was asleep, then boys then set the house on fire in an effort to cover up the crime.

The brothers confessed to committing the murder, but implicated 41-year-old convicted child molester Rick Chavis, who they said was involved in a sexual relationship with Alex and persuaded them to kill their father.

Alex and Derek plead guilty to arson and thrird-degree murder and were sentenced to seven and eight years in state prison, respectively.

Ricky Chavis, who helped the brothers avoid arrest after the killing, was sentenced to 35 years after he was found guilty of accessory after the fact to first-degree murder and evidence tampering.

9. Micheal Carneal
On December 1, 1997 Carneal wrapped a shotgun and a rifle in a blanket and took them to school, passing them off as an art project he was working on, he also carried a loaded .22 pistol in his backpack.

Carneal rode to school with his sister and arrived at approximately 7:45 a.m. When he arrived, he inserted earplugs and took the pistol out of his bag.

He fired eight rounds in fast succession at a youth prayer group. Five people were hit in their heads and another three were hit in their chest, three girl died while hospitalized and five others were wounded. 

10. Barry Dale Loukaitis
On the day of the shooting at Frontier Middle School, Barry Dale Loukaitis was dressed as a wild-style gunslinger and was wearing a black duster. he was armed with a .30-30 caliber hunting rifle and two handguns (.357 caliber pistol and .25 caliber semiautomatic pistol) that belonged to his father, and was carrying approximately 78 rounds of ammunition.

Loukaitis walked from his house to his school, where he had entered his algebra classroom, during fifth-period. He opened fire at students, killing two and wounding other. 

He then fatally shot his algebra teacher leona Caires in the chest, As his classmates began to panic, loukaitis reportdly said, "This sure Beats algebra, doesn't it?", a quote from the Stephen King novel Rage.


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