Friday, January 25, 2013

Giovanna Plowman the tampon sucking teen

Oh God! some Teenager's nowadays will do anything! and everything! to get famous, just like what Giovanna Plowman, A teenager from Buffalo, New York did. 

Plowman had posted a 5 minute video on her Twitter account in which she appears to pull out her bloody tampons from her vagina.

You must be thinking : 
"What? c,mon man! this is the internet, nothing disgusting about that!"
"Now hold on! read this" : After she pulled out her tampons she put it in her mouth and suck on it several times.

There are no legit source stating why would she do that at the first place, maybe she had lose a bet or maybe the video was an audition for a scat-fetish pornographic film, whatever it is, the 'tampon sucking video' is pure disgusting not to forget disturbing. 

Check out the video which originally posted on Giovanne Plowman Twitter below : 

Liveleak [Graphic Content]

Or you dont want to watch the video you can just check out the video screenshot's below.


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