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Man never did landed on the moon!NASA is a liar! : Bill Kaysing Fact!

In the 60's, USA has claim that they actually did manage to send a man into a place that never man went, which is the Moon. Believed it or not, some people might think that NASA might have pulled off the greatest hoax in history off all time, in believe that this is all just a great big lie to the human race. And the video? some people claim the video is just a part of  NASA simulated version on whatever they could do on their 4 million budget.

Some of the facts that has been supporting the claim that man never landed on the moon are:

1. Waving U.S flag
Since there are no gravity on the moon the absence of air is almost 0 percent, thus for this american flag to wave on the moon is impossible, some people claim that it is likely to be conducted on an open space where the source of wind are present. 

2. Stars was missing from the black Lunar sky
Despite the clarity of the sky the stars was missing as shown in the original video. as in so. Compare picture A and picture B, the moon are supposed to be surrounded by stars as shown in picture A, but picture B shows that the sky are clear from any stars at all. As if as it is a typical casting background.

3. No blast crater beneath the Lunar lander
This fact is one of the most conclusive piece of evidence some conspiracy theories find that supporting the hoax. Why there are no blast crater created when the Lunar Lander landed? Even Nasa illustration stated that there is a blast crater for the Luna Lander to land

This is only 3 out of dozens facts showing that man never landed on the moon, and the US government has ochastrated the greatest hoax in the Human race history.

Why is it so? lets look upon on the situation, 3 decades ago, United States and Soviet Russia is being lock in a struggle for the world domination, people tend to assume that who ever nation won the space race would win the cold war, and this refer to the being the first nation that went to the moon.

So what do you say about this?

Other facts :
Facts above are observed by : Bill Kaysing
It is claim that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are the first two human that ever place foot on the moon

More facts on this please refer to : 

p/s this entry made for educational purposes only, this doesn't meant to offend anybody or any specific group of people in any way.
-Readers are advised to make their own judgement based on the recourse available.

''This is a small step for man, a giant leap for mandkind'' - Neil Armstrong

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United stated conducted the biggest hoax in the human history
United states won against russia
space domination
United states v.s Russia


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