Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 random new invention and ideas

There are thousand of new invention out there, that can appear to be quite interesting, either it is cool, weird, bizzare, useful, useless, etc... it is still a new idea that might help change how the world evolve. 
Here at iepov we had identify several new design invention and idea, that you might not heard of.
Personal Seabird Submarine

Here's an invention aimed at those with envious bank account balances. We've seen the likes of supercars, bikes and boats but we've never before included a submarine. If you would like to avoid the busy streets or have a stretch of water completely to yourself what better way than with a submarine. The submarine is powered by a rechargeable battery pack which turns a series of electric motors, removing the necessity for fuel. The submarine will tow the vehicle though the water using a surface vessel and a generic propulsion system.

Uno Motorbike

For travel, many of us opt for a motorbike, whist very few of us have the time to learn to ride the more comical unicycle. Well, an 18 year-old scientist by the name of Ben J. Poss Gulak, has decided to merge both modes of transport, and develop what he has termed, 'Uno'. The bike caught the attention of many attendees to the 2008 National Motorcycle Show in Toronto, either because they thought it was cool or to determine what it actually was. The common wheel set-up, of one at the back and one at the front has been revolutionised into two wheels sitting side by side. The Uno also utilises rear footpegs and a considerably smaller chassis.

Defendius Door Chain Is A Maze Ing

Here is a security gadget with a few twists, literally. The Defendius Door Chain at first glance 
looks like some kind of puzzle game, which attaches to your door and the door will only open once the maze has been completed. OK, this sounds good for those wanting to gain unauthorized access but what about trying to get out, and having to complete the puzzle each time? I'd rather not have to waste time figuring out a puzzle if my home was on fire and I was attempting to escape as quickly as possible. 

Tattoo Sleeves

This painless and temporary solution is made from 100% stretchable and washable Nylon, one size fits all and it comes in a set of 2 so you can wear one or both, depending on how far you want to go.

Can't take the pain but want an instant and realistic solution, then check these out and get the look you're after!

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