Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Indian Mother let her lover rape her 11-year-old daughter.

The mother of an 11-year-old girl in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, allowed her 45-year-old lover to rape her daughter, reported Tamil Nesan.

The matter came to attention after doctors in Rajaji Hospital found out that the girl suffered continuous bleeding from her private parts when mother brought her there for treatment.

Suspecting sexual assault, the doctor alerted the police, who then interrogated the 35-year old mother. The mother later confessed to allowing contractor T. Ravi, of Vandiyur Village, to rape her daughter.

Police said, Ravi, who is also a moneylender, had been having an affair with the mother and would often visit her home without her husband's knowledge.

On one such visit on thursday, Ravi had sex with the girl with her mother consent.

The mother has since been arrested while police are on the hunt for Ravi, who has gone hiding.

What the fuck does both of these stupid lover thinks? raping a 11 year old? that is just so so not acceptable.

And what kind of  mother would do that to her family, Cheating on her husband is one thing, but letting her lover rape their daughter? WHAT DA FRIKIN FUCK??!! What a straight up BITCH!!

Her husband must be frikin furious, both this shithead's must get what their deserve. I mean, The dick of that man should have been chopped off and stuck on his own ass....well literally...

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