Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trio deny hitting woman and asking her to strip.

Three men were accused to abuse the right of an unemployed women when they hit and ask the women to strip, which is actually a friend of Thevendran, that he help to find a job.

V. Thevendran Rao, 22 and his brothers K. Nagathevan, 30, together with one of their friend were accused of committing the offence in Jalan Sierra Perdana, Taman Rinting, at 8.15pm on May 26.

On that day, she was taken to their rented house after meeting Thevendram.

The three of them Thevendra, an auxiliary policeman in Singapore, Ganesan, a driver, and Nagathevan who is jobless - were drunk at the time. They hit her with a belt, besides asking her to strip.

When she refused to do so, they assaulted her again.

The three were charged under Section 350 of the Penal Code which carries a jail term of up to three month or fine, or both, upon conviction.


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