Saturday, July 7, 2012

Miami Zombie like attack that you should notice!

It is quite hard to believe, but the zombie is coming for us!!! Well at least, several zombie like incident already did happen and you should be aware of it. Because from time to time, several cases that are related to this zombie like killing are increasing.

Why is it so? it is reported that the alleged zombie are influenced by a type of  drug called the Bath salts, which is a new type of drug, a powerful new hallucinatory drug.
Rudy Eugene Stopped his car on one of the streets in miami. His car wouldn't start and he started to walk on the road side, he then acted weird and starting ro remove his clothes. Before he bump with an old man. Ronald poppo, 65.

He then suddenly attack Poppo, and starting to eat half of his face. The side walkers try to stop him, but they wouldn't step into the scene as Eugene growl towards them like a beast. The attack went on for 18 Minutes, before the cops arrive and stop him. By killing him, with several shots, the thing is, after he is being shot 6 times by the police, he still continues to eat poppo face.

Is this the sign of the zombie apocalypse? if it is, well then, got to buy myself a shotgun. lol.

If you would like to see poppo face after the incident click on link below!

Also check out the video:

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